Village-style recipes - revealing an authentic taste with
a combination of simple ingredients.
From spicy, sour, salty, it heightens the family’s senses every day!


Healthy and delicious recipes - meals the family cannot wait to enjoy. Cooking up simple vegetables or seafood can be irresistibly delicious, especially when you have mastered it.


Taste of Malaysia recipes - this will surely make the family go for second helpings! You just have to try out these recipe favourites, one by one.


Appetising recipes - this is best for days when you want to try a different dish! Whether it’s chilli or gravy, it tastes delicious!


International recipes - this saves the day when you long for a western-style cuisine. While not difficult to prepare, you can also use this time as a cooking activity with the children!


Simple & Quick recipes - very refreshing if you want something fast yet delicious. Once ready, serve hot and enjoy!


Thai-style recipes - why pack from restaurants? Just cook and enjoy at the comfort of your own home.