Sajian Seimbang Tanda Sayang

Ibu-ibu pasti mahu berikan sajian seimbang buat keluarga tercinta. Kadang ada saja dugaannya! Namun demi kasih sayang terhadap keluarga… Ibu tetap berusaha.

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Mi MAGGI Udang Pedas Utara & Mi MAGGI Tom Yam Kaw!

Nikmati kelazatan autentik Mi MAGGI® baharu, Enak Sajian Mengimbau Kenangan! Kena cuba baru tahu.

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Mi MAGGI Goreng Kari Mamak Senang

Ringkas dimasak. Lazat dimakan.
Tak payah ke mamak, goreng sendiri menjadi lazatnya dengan mi kenyal bersalut perencah, sayur dan telur pasti memecah selera. Ikuti langkah-langkah dalam resipi berikut dan masaklah Mi MAGGI Goreng Kari Mamak kegemaran anda di rumah!

Bayam Masak Lemak Putih Bersama Keledek

Seimbang pilihan. Lazat dimakan.
Gabungan manis-manis keledek dan bayam dalam limpahan kuah lemak mengancam!

MAGGI Murtabak

Syok dicuba. Lazat dimakan.
Kalau anda inginkan sesuatu yang ringkas tapi mengenyangkan, Murtabak MAGGI pilihan terbaik!

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Pes Perencah MAGGI®

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The question that households, families and domestic caregivers ask every day — what to cook today? Homemade meals are a great respite after a day of work, but for some, it is a task that requires mental, emotional and physical effort.

Simple homemade meals might look like an effortless task, but meal-preparation actually involves a great deal of planning. Here are just some of the many things to consider: what are some easily digestible foods for the elderly? Nutritious food for growing kids? Food for a family member with health conditions? How do you cater to everyone’s needs and keep things tasty and interesting? It is food for thought, literally. Time for MAGGI® Recipes to help you cut some slack. At MAGGI®, we want to make cooking a child’s play and an adult joy — simple and enjoyable!


Whether you have a fully-stocked fridge or just leftovers because you have no time to shop for groceries, MAGGI® Recipes have the solutions. With over 300 recipes to choose from, follow easy methods to whip up a tasty meal by just using simple ingredients. Enjoy a plate of fried macaroni with minced meat and vegetables for lunch in under 20 minutes, or prepare a nutritional claypot chicken rice that can feed your entire family at dinner. Simple efforts, great results — the goal of every home chef and C-suite execs.


Light bites for tea time? Balanced meals for lunchboxes? Hearty dishes for a dinner party? MAGGI® Recipes got them covered. Dinner for 10 or tea break for 2, you can get recipes for tuna sandwiches or a one-pot baked chicken according to serving sizes here. Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art; each recipe is labelled with varying difficulty levels, so you can prepare meals according to your mood and energy for the day.


Travel the world and the seven seas with MAGGI® Recipes that feature recipes from various cuisines — think Indonesian lodeh (vegetable soup), spicy Szechuan soup and Tunisian shakshuka. Cuisines from other cultures open us to a whole new world of flavours. Give your taste buds a treat with recipes for fusion dishes such as nasi lemak burger and Padang style omelette or vegan sushi; your daily meals will never be short of exciting!