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Get all 4 tasty variants now: Kampung Fried Rice Recipe Mix, Fried Bihun Recipe Mix, Black Pepper Recipe Mix,and Biryani Rice Recipe Mix.

pes bihun goreng

Fried Bihun Recipe Mix

A perfect blend of fresh garlic, shallots, and red chillies. Stir fry with vermicelli to make your family’s favourite Bihun Goreng.

pes nasi goreng

Kampung Fried Rice Recipe Mix

Making Nasi Goreng Kampung for the family has never been easier with this fresh paste made from garlic, fresh red onions, and selected anchovies.

Pes Perencah Lada Hitam

Black Pepper Recipe Mix

A delicious paste made from black pepper, garlic and fresh onions. Sauté with your favourite ingredients like meat, chicken, shrimp or fish for an irresistible dish!

Pes Perencah Nasi Briyani Rempah-ratus asli

Original Biryani Rice Recipe Mix

With quick and easy steps, you too can make tasty and aromatic biryani rice that wows your family and guests!