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Pedas Giler


A straight face challenge done by many, even the social media stars and celebrities went for it.

What about you? Watch these videos before you take a plunge into this fiery-hot madness!


Many have tried it! Now, it's your turn to 'CONTROL MACHO'. Gather your family and friends and rise up to the challenge!

MAGGI Pedas Giler Keju Meleleh Challenge

Keju Meleleh Challenge

Take on the Keju Meleleh Challenge!

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Take on the Keju Meleleh Challenge!

#MAGGIPedasGiler #KejuMelelehChallenge

Serving Suggestion:

Keen on trying MAGGI® Pedas Giler but afraid you can’t handle the heat? Add just half a packet of the chili oil.



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