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This menu has great nutritional balance, providing a good variety of food groups and key nutrients.
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This menu has great nutritional balance, providing a good variety of food groups and key nutrients.
The MyMenu IQ™ score applies to the digital recipe as described on the site. Nutrition composition data for food ingredients and food products is based on Standard Food Composition Databases such as USDA SR28, BLS32 as well as food label data.
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8g / 22%
The energy content breakdown shows the amount of the macronutrients (i.e. carbohydrate, protein and fat) contained in one serving of the recipe and their relative contribution (in %) to the total energy content of the serving.

Nutritional tips

  • Good to Know
    Add extra veggies like cabbage and long beans to the fried rice for an extra dose of nutrients.
Asian - style Easy Main course

Chinese Fried Rice


As Malaysians, a complete meal will always consist of plain white rice, accompanied by several other hot dishes. A plate of hot cooked white rice is always our preferred starch base in most of our meals — in some regions, locals take a meal with rice for breakfast, and others for lunch and dinner. Eating rice has been a staple for Malaysians that a lot of our known cuisine consists of rice, such as nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, and many more. Eating rice often comes leftovers. Many people will always air on the side of cooking more rice, just in case one plate is not enough to fulfil our appetite. Using leftover rice is always the best in making fried rice, especially if you refrigerate it the night before. Cold rice tends to be drier with a better texture for frying so that you won’t find lumps of rice clumping together. Fried rice is also flexible — make it your way according to your appetite. Mix and match several ingredients, and you’ll find the right combination just how you like it.

This Chinese fried rice recipe is a classic, lightly seasoned with savoury spices and natural ingredients that not only work as a tasty dish but look vibrant and lively as well. This meal is known for its colourfulness, white rice mixed with bits of sunshiny scrambled eggs combined with greens like chopped long beans, and the striking orange from sliced carrots. This recipe elevates your regular Chinese fried with seafood, including prawns and MAGGI oyster sauce, to have more umami goodness in your dish. Adjust your seasonings according to your taste buds, and we’ll guarantee that you are going to enjoy every bite of this quick and delicious meal.

Are you looking for something other than Chinese fried rice? If you are looking for a stronger kick of seafood perfection, try making this salted fish fried rice using your leftover rice. Those looking for a peppery heat in their fried rice can make this paprika fried rice to suit your taste. Whatever it is, turn your leftover rice into a meaningful serving to be enjoyed by your loved ones today.


6 servings

This dish has been optimized for 6 servings. Quantity and times may need to be varied. Here you can find more information about adjusted portion sizes: here

3  tbsp
Cooking Oil
4  cloves
4  cups
Cooked Rice
100  g
Long Bean
2  tbsp
MAGGI® Oyster Sauce
1  tbsp
MAGGI® CukupRasa™
1  tsp
2  tsp
White pepper

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Nutrition Value

327.23 kcal
12.48 g
50.37 g
8.03 g
Information per serving
Lets Cook


13 Minutes
5 Min
Heat wok with cooking oil, sauté garlic with fresh prawns.
3 Min
Add egg, cook until mixed well.
5 Min
Add long beans, carrots, rice, MAGGI® CukupRasaTM, MAGGI® Oyster Sauce, sugar and white pepper. Mix well and serve hot.
Chinese Fried Rice

Step1 of 3

: Cooking Oil, Garlic, Prawns

Heat wok with cooking oil, sauté garlic with fresh prawns.

Chinese Fried Rice

Step2 of 3

: Egg

Add egg, cook until mixed well.

Chinese Fried Rice

Step3 of 3

: Cooked Rice, Long Bean, Carrot, MAGGI® Oyster Sauce, MAGGI® CukupRasa™, Sugar, White pepper

Add long beans, carrots, rice, MAGGI® CukupRasaTM, MAGGI® Oyster Sauce, sugar and white pepper. Mix well and serve hot.

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