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MAGGI® Pazzta, so easy!

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Now, cooking pasta is so easy with MAGGI Pazzta. As quick as 5 minutes, in 3 easy steps, and it's ready to be served! The little one will surely love the 2 delicious flavours of Cheese Macaroni and Mushroom Penne! Try it yourself!


MAGGI® PAZZTA™ in 2 must-try delicious variants!

Mushroom Penne with real mushrooms and cheese, or comforting creamy Cheese Macaroni? Whichever you choose, you can enjoy a satisfying pasta meal with real cheese and sweet corn!


MAGGI® PAZZTA™ Cheese Macaroni

Rejoice, cheese lovers! Now you can prepare a tasty bowl of Cheese Macaroni in just 5 minutes. So creamy, so cheesy. Ready to enjoy in 3 easy steps! Made from 100% semolina wheat, a good source of dietary fibre. With real cheese and real sweet corn, a creamy bowl of MAGGI® PAZZTA™ Cheese Macaroni is sure to arouse your appetite! Ingredients - Macaroni - Cheese - Corn


MAGGI® PAZZTA™ Mushroom Penne

MAGGI® PAZZTA ™ Mushroom Penne Captivate your family’s tastebuds with MAGGI® PAZZTA™ Mushroom Penne! Its taste of real mushroom pieces and cheese is simply sublime and unforgettable . Made from 100% semolina wheat, a good source of dietary fibre. Ingredients - Penne - Mushrooms - Cheese