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From bowl to soul

Presenting MAGGI® Fusian, the authentic taste of Asia in a bowl. After 2 years of searching for the most authentic ingredients, we finally crafted and perfected two genuine and rich Asian recipes in a bowl. With the right kind of ingredients measured for the right size to give you a wonderful mouthfeel, it brings a soulful experience worthy to those with discerning taste. A delicious culinary experience even the Prince of Asia would love.

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Maggi® Fusian Sarang Kimchi

MAGGI® Fusian Sarang Kimchi

Made with hot Korean chili paste and the tangy yet flavourful kimchi, topped with chunky garnishes like soy protein and air-dried kimchi cut to the right size for that truly authentic taste. It’s the perfect combo you can’t resist!

Maggi® Fusian Karai Miso

MAGGI® Fusian Karai Miso

Savoury miso paste specially from Japan blended with spicy chilies, sprinkled with chunky garnishes like cabbage, soy protein and corn - it’s the ideal blend of ingredients that makes you crave for more!

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How to join:


Total of Prizes to be won throughout the Contest Period:

Grand Prize x 30

Autographed Lee Kwang Soo x MAGGI® Fusian posters, MAGGI® Fusian
embroidered tote bag with Lee Kwang Soo’s printed signature and
MAGGI® hampers worth RM50 each

Consolation Prize x 30

MAGGI® hampers worth RM50 each



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